Naval Support Centre

The Naval Support Service (NSS) divisionís personnel have extensive expertise, and using high technology test equipment and system unique support equipment, provide an all-inclusive life cycle support service for the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS). We also provide support services for the AN/SPS-49 long range air warning radar, including repair and overhaul services for itís above deck systems.

CEF and HQ building

The Naval Support Centre is the largest Phalanx Depot Level Maintenance Facility outside the United States and the second largest in the world. The facility includes high technology Phalanx-unique support equipment built and operated by the company that designed the system itself. The facility also includes a final test cell and radar range facility providing essential full system testing. Because Raytheon is the original equipment manufacturer, only the highest quality technical standards and capabilities are applied to the support of all Phalanx systems.

The NSS division supports AN/SPS-49 by providing depot level overhaul and repair services for the antenna and the antenna support group. Since Raytheon is the OEM for this system, logistics and repair services are also available through direct liaison with other divisions of the company. For full system testing of the antenna support group, AN/SPS-49-unique system test equipment, built and operated by Raytheon personnel, is used.

The NSS division can provide a range of support services for Naval Systems including:

  • Repair and overhaul
  • Upgrade support
  • Fleet repair
  • In-country field support
  • Engineering Support
  • Integrated logistics support (ILS)
  • Spares
  • ORDALT kit installation
  • Configuration Management
  • Installation and check out (I&C)
  • Harbour acceptance trials (HATs)
  • Sea acceptance trials (SATs)